Thursday, December 1, 2016

World Travel Map - In Another Minute (Week 344)

The Moving Postcard World Travel Map is not just any kind of map, it's a world scratch-off map... that my dear friend Judith Hecktor gave me earlier this year. I had been waiting for just the right time to shoot a time-lapse video for you to show you all the countries where I've shot Moving Postcard videos in chronological order...

World Travel Map - In Another Minute (Week 344)

As you see when watching the video, it's not just a time-lapse video of me scratching off the countries and flags on the world travel map, but also a quick glimpse of a video from each of the 11 countries I visited (or lived in) during the 6 1/2 years of publishing Moving Postcard videos every week.

If you would like to see more 1-minute videos from these 11 countries, please check out the respective collections: Germany, Spain, USA, Czech Republic, Portugal, Thailand, United Kingdom, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, and Cuba.

Thank you so much, Judith, for this awesome map. You sure know how to find amazing and meaningful art work for my walls. (Insider info: my walls are graced by 4 different cool posters Judith has given me over time, one is an original El Bocho!!!) In return (?), there are also quite a few Moving Postcard videos featuring Judith...

At first, I was going to attempt separating out the different states of the USA. But since they were not drawn on the map (the borders of South Dakota are exactly where...?) and because I didn't want to make the time-lapse portion of the World Travel Map video too long, I decided against it. But I did scratch off Alaska separately since that was the big trip I was waiting for before shooting this video.

Because I've also traveled some before shooting the Moving Postcard travel web series, I kept on scratching off countries after the portion in this video. I'll probably publish the full clip as a behind-the-scenes video for my Patreon supporters...

The song in this video is “Boogie Woogie Bed” by Jason Shaw of Audionautix. He made this song available via the CC BY 3.0 license. Thank you so much, Jason, for your diverse music creations!

If you want to get your own world travel scratch-off map, there is quite a large selection on Amazon, including a Shacke map.

Scratching off the 11 countries where I've filmed Moving Postcard videos so far...

Um, on a side note: yes, I totally scratched off the flag for Syria at first when I intended to scratch off the flag for Spain. I fixed that in Photoshop when I thought I was just going to do a time-lapse of the map itself. But then Scott said, I should use the full clip with me in it... So instead of fixing all those shots, I'd like to focus on the fact that Syria has been so much on people's minds this year. Making a video like this, reminds me of the luxurious life of freedom I get to lead. It's in stark contrast to the suffering of people in war zones that cannot escape and the tragedy of refugees who feel forced to leave their home and then to make matters worse don't feel welcome in the countries they escape to. I'm grateful for my life and appreciate it every day. My videos don't solve world problems, they don't even ease them. But I hope that the videos bring joy to those who cannot travel to the places I get to capture.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A few Colorado facts...

These pictures are just a selection of the 10 Colorado facts listed in this week's Moving Postcard video "10 Colorado Facts – In A Colorado Minute (Week 343)". Check out the video and post for more facts and details. 

Colorado is the “highest state”...
First US state to allow shops to sell recreational marijuana (2014).

Colorado is the “highest state”...
- only state entirely above 1,000 m (3,281 ft)
- highest mean elevation (2,073 m - 6,800 ft)
- highest low point (1,011 m - 3,317 ft)

Colorado has 640 ghost towns...

The view from Pikes Peak inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write “America the Beautiful”.

Colorado’s Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest bridge in the USA
(and was the highest bridge in the world until 2001).

Thursday, November 24, 2016

10 Colorado Facts - In A Colorado Minute (Week 343)

Here are 10 Colorado facts that you should know about the "highest state" in the union...

10 Colorado Facts - In A Colorado Minute (Week 343)

Because of time and space constraints in this video, I couldn't include all the details of all 10 Colorado facts. So here are a few more details:

While the name Colorado does come from the Spanish words for red-colored (de color rojo), it was the Colorado River that first got its name because of the red sediment washing down from the mountains. The state was then named after the river.

While there are 4 National Parks in Colorado, I left out the number of National Monuments and National Historic Sites also under federal jurisdiction - all added up there are 11 or 13, depending on which list you trust. Altogether, the federal government owns 1/3 of land in the state of Colorado.

Ghost towns! There actually are supposed to be 1,500 ghost towns in this state. A ghost town is a town or settlement that once existed but is no more - and that would include towns that have completely disappeared without a trace. In this 10 Colorado facts video, I decided to go with the number of 641 ghost towns that refers to places that still have abandoned buildings or at least some remnants. I'd like to contrast that with the number of actual inhabited towns and cities in the state, which is only 221. Yes, Colorado has more ghost towns than live towns! Awesome factoid!

In case you're wondering what "mean elevation" is: it's basically the average elevation. There are more complicated ways to explain and define it - but let's just leave it at that for now. In the case of Colorado, the mean elevation and lowest point matter to define it as the "highest state" because if it was just about highest point, Alaska would win since Denali has a higher than any Colorado mountain. Also, marijuana is legal in Alaska.

Claiming that Colorado was first in any marijuana legalization was a bit tricky. Because both Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana in 2012 in theory - and then both allowed the sale through shops in 2014; Colorado just did it a few months earlier. There are claims that medical marijuana was first in Colorado as well (2000) - but then there is California with its policy changes in the 1990s. It got to time-consuming to figure out all the minute details of legislation and timing. So I kept it simple for the video.

In my research for this 10 Colorado facts video, I found out that some "known facts" about Colorado are actually not true. The often repeated phrase "Colorado has 300 sunny days a year" just started as a promotional slogan for a railroad company in 1870 and is not based in fact - although the sun does shine most days in Colorado. Thank the universe!

Also, Colorado currently does not have the most craft breweries and brew pubs per capita in the US. That would be Vermont with 9.4 breweries per 100,000 21+ adults. Colorado comes in third (7.3 breweries per 100,000 21+ adults) - according to the Brewers Association. By the way, Colorado is in second place when it comes to consumption of craft beers...

Last but not least, there are a lot of interesting facts I couldn't fit in the video. For example, the cheeseburger was supposedly invented in Colorado by Louis Ballast, and the first license plate was put on a car in 1908 in Denver.

All the footage in this video, I took from other 1-minute In A Colorado Minute videos. If you want to check those out, go ahead and explore more of Colorful Colorado (the slogan that used to be on Colorado license plates):

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Red Rocks – In A Colorado Minute (Week 237)

Rocky Mountain National Park – In A Colorado Minute (Week 208)

Marijuana Strains (Selection from Flower Power Botanicals) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 257)

Royal Gorge Bridge – In A Colorado Minute (Week 300)

Pikes Peak Summit – In A Colorado Minute (Week 280)

Ghost Town Carr – In A Colorado Minute (Week 186)

Fort Collins – In A Colorado Minute (Week 318)

The featured song is the instrumental version of “Aimless” by Josh Woodward ( The song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Thank you again and again, Josh!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Photos of Anastasia State Park, Florida

A few photos from Anastasia State Park on Anastasia Island in Northern Florida. To read more about this Atlantic Ocean park and watch my 1-minute video, please check out the post on my Moving Postcard website: Anastasia State Park (Florida) – In Another Minute (Week 342)

Royal Terns... or maybe Caspian Terns
Anastasia State Park, Florida

If you'd like to see even more photos from this Florida State Park and other trips I took this year, head on over to the In Another Minute 2016 Flickr album.

St. Augustine Lighthouse seen from Anastasia State Park, Florida

Anastasia State Park, Florida

Florida Cacti
Anastasia State Park, Florida

Pelicans flying over the Salt Run
Anastasia State Park, Florida

Anastasia State Park, Florida

How do these birds not crash into each other? Nature!
Anastasia State Park, Florida

Boardwalk from the marsh to the beach
Anastasia State Park, Florida

Anastasia State Park, Florida

Sea turtle
Anastasia State Park, Florida

Ancient dunes
Anastasia State Park, Florida

Anastasia State Park, Florida

Terns on the beach in Anastasia State Park, Florida

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Anastasia State Park (Florida) - In Another Minute (Week 342)

Anastasia State Park is an oceanfront Florida State Park on Anastasia Island in St. Augustine. Being situated on its own peninsula, it features a vast Atlantic Ocean beach on the east side and the tidal salt marsh of the Salt Run on the west side.

Anastasia State Park (Florida) - In Another Minute (Week 342) [4k]

The 1,600-acre (6.5 km2) large Anastasia State Park has an abundance of wildlife: native and migrating birds, sea turtles, crabs, fish and visiting dolphins and manatees. The 4-mile long beach flanked by ancient dunes invites you to go for long walks... even when it's as windy as when we visited this week during our quick Florida trip.

In Anastasia State Park you can camp, swim, fish, kayak, and just relax. There's even some history to explore at the Coquina Quarry, where the coquina rock was mined to build the nearby Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in downtown St. Augustine. The only thing you can't do at the State Park is take your dog for a walk on the beach. That's why there's no footage of Whiskey running into the ocean. But you can always see that in this video: St. Augustine (Florida) – In Another Minute (Week 248)

Since it was rather overcast and very, very windy while I was filming Anastasia State Park, it seemed especially fitting to write a dedication to Thias aka Pure79er in the sand... because it felt like the German North Sea had come to Florida. He had recently written my name in the sand of the North Sea beach in his video Autumn Impressions Pt.2 Sankt Peter-Ording

The featured song is the instrumental version of “Release” by Josh Woodward ( The song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Thank you very much, Josh!

Pelicans flying over the Salt Run in Anastasia State Park, Florida

I’ll be posting a few photos of the flowers throughout this week to the In Another Minute 2016 Flickr album, on Google+ and Facebook. In a few days, there will also be a dedicated photo post on my blog.